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Virus Filter

The Virus Filter detects and eliminates viruses before they enter your network. The system utilizes two leading enterprise-class virus scanners on the market: Trend Micro and Sophos. Integrated at the application level, the network receives virus definition updates every 10 minutes. All e-mail as well as attachments are scanned through both engines insuring the most complete protection possible. Each of the anti-virus partners maintains global research and solution centers to ensure viruses are identified as early as possible and solutions are implemented as quickly as possible. Being that e-mail management is our core business, the anti-virus libraries are updated far more frequently and more efficiently than is possible within a typical company.


  • No maintenance windows or downtime, causing the reduction incorporate protection
  • Implementation in minutes with a simple change in DNS configuration
  • Greater e-mail network security with seamless layers of anti-virus protection
  • Stops viruses at the gateway level before they enter the company network, eliminating the possibility of accidental outbreaks
  • Significantly less expensive than maintaining an in-house virus solution
  • No staff training required
  • Reduced load on IT staff and mail servers
  • Easier to implement than any other anti-virus alternative
  • Immediate updates to protect against fast moving virus outbreaks




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      A Gartner Group study reveals that a typical office employee spends 49 minutes per day dealing with e-mail. An eMarketer study found that 38% of all corporate e-mail is unsolicited. Based on these two studies, the average employee spends 18.6 minutes each day dealing with junk e-mail.


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